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You make the product – we concentrate the power

Durable lithium batteries for vehicles

We have long experience of electrically-driven vehicles in actual operating environments. Operating during the hard Nordic winters has taught us that electric power with lithium batteries works in all climatic conditions. Many years of development work for the automotive industry and others have taught is a lot about how to optimise electrical technology and battery cells. This results in immediate cost savings and high performance and long service life at the same time.

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Easily adaptable batteries

We build modular battery systems to reduce development expenditure for small series. We are consequently able to flexibly adapt battery solutions with different shapes, voltages and capacities.

High performance batteries from the automobile industry

We use technology and battery cells that derive directly from the car industry. This provides immediate cost savings and simultaneously high performance and long service life.

Our potential to reduce development costs

When developing a new electrically-driven product there is a lot to take into account. It is often hard to immediately ascertain how the customers assess the new powertrain and how it actually works in live operation. A prototype is often produced first to enable testing. However, so that it can be tested in actual environments, the prototype must also meet stringent requirements on EMC (interference-free), performance, the environment and safety from the outset. To facilitate these prototypes, we have focused on a modular system where new configurations can be developed at low cost and with short lead times, retaining the degree of industrialisation. The modules have everything they need and are simple to connect with the required system through flexible shape factors, system voltage and capacities. What is required are built-in cases and cooling capacity, as well as some software configuration.

Products and services

Alelion Energy Systems AB supplies both complete batteries in large series and adaptation projects for new products in small series.