Our products and services

Our product groups currently focus on two specialisations: batteries for forklifts and tailored batteries for various product solutions.

EasyPower – batteries for forklifts

Our forklift batteries with lithium-ion technology have won wide recognition in the logistics industry, from both the forklift drivers and those who are responsible for productivity and economy. We manufacture batteries for all current types of forklifts. EasyPower forklift batteries make financial sense for most users, are environmentally friendly and always powerful.

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SmartPower – tailored batteries

If you develop products which involve battery operation, have a word with us! The more power you get per cubic centimetre of battery, the smaller the products you can manufacture.

We construct our batteries in modular fashion. This reduces development costs on short production runs.

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Talk to us about product development!

We can support you in various phases of your development work for battery-operated forklift trucks, such as pilot study, adaptation and development of new products. Call us to discuss what our services can do for you.You can buy loose batteries – call us to discuss which solution would be best for you

You manufacture the product – we concentrate the power!