Customer benefits with Lithium Ion Truck Batteries

It is is now no longer necessary for forklift batteries to be maintained, chargers to take up space and dedicated charging rooms to cost square metres. The new technology provides absolutely unique features, delivering major productivity improvements to the operation.

Save money with lithium-ion batteries!

You buy a forklift with a more expensive battery, but make savings in various respects. Savings for the different factors vary depending on the circumstances – the additional cost is recovered within 3–9 months.

We manufacture batteries for all types of forklifts. All we need to manufacture the battery tray is the forklift’s make and model number.

Spare the environment with EasyPower batteries

Lead is a poison that causes nerve damage and other long-term problems. Furthermore, large amounts of energy are consumed in the recovery process. All of this is radically reduced with the new technology.

All you need to do to charge the battery is insert the plug in the nearest charger.  You can then forget about the battery until you replace the forklift!

Are you going to build a new charging room?

The best repayment for investing in EasyPower batteries comes when your company is going to build or refurbish a charging room. It is often much cheaper to change the batteries than to invest in expensive infrastructure and unnecessary costs for valuable square metres. You can then charge your forklift trucks using the nearest charger. Call us on +46 31 86 62 00!