Lithium-ion batteries and safety

If correctly handled, lithium-ion batteries are very safe. In recent years however, a number of events have occurred which have raised a few questions.

Design with safety in mind

Our batteries are designed to ensure the risk of fire is reduced to a minimum:

  • Design: We design our batteries so that all cells have a robust protective enclosure of inflammable material, with a protective valve which shuts off in the event of excess pressure, and that they are tested in accordance with the requirements of the automotive industry.
  • Assembly: The battery cells are assembled in a rack which ensures they are fixed securely in position.
  • Oxygen-free: The battery packs are assembled in boxes which provide excellent impact resistance and minimal oxygen ingress. Given that oxygen is needed for a flame to ignite, any fire would be extinguished more or less immediately once the oxygen has been combusted.
  • Alarm system: The BMS system measures, emits alarms and protects. It warns if the temperature becomes too high and disables battery operation.
  • System test: The batteries are tested under the same physical load conditions as apply to the product in which the batteries are to be installed.

As far as we know, no fire has ever occurred in lithium batteries which have been properly installed and have a protective enclosure.