Lithium-ion Battery Technology

Electricity is a wonderful thing, and the technology of being able to store electrical energy has freed us from the constraints of having to use electricity as it is being generated. The principle involved in storing electrical energy is over 200 years old. In 1798, the Italian Alessandro Volta designed and built the galvanic cell, which delivered a voltage of a magnitude we nowadays term a volt.

This hailed the birth of a new science – electrochemistry. The following decades saw improvements in techniques for achieving energy density (capacity in relation to weight), environmental aspects, and the possibility of recharging batteries, as well as many other things.

For a long time, the lead-acid battery was the dominant technical solution. As the years went by, new technical solutions came on the scene, and nowadays lithium-ion technology is first choice for size, lifetime and other factors. You can read more about this under “From copper to lithium”.

Revolutionary battery technology – it’s our passion

Recent decades have witnessed growing awareness of the need to create an environmentally sustainable society. So this is not simply desirable, but really an absolute necessity. All companies and organisations have to ask themselves what they can do to create products which are not just more environmentally friendly, but also attractive, as well as competitive in terms of price. The environmentally correct choice must not amount to a sacrifice; rather it should be an attractive alternative.

Right from the beginning, Alelion Energy Systems has developed battery products using lithium-ion based technology. As we discovered more and more factors indicating that the technology is the best alternative for creating applications which are not just easier on the environment compared to conventional technology, but also deliver competitive running savings in the long term, so lithium-ion based battery technology became our passion.

Our forklift batteries are an example of this. Until recently, lead acid batteries were the only option for forklift trucks – a poor alternative environmentally, economically and efficiency-wise.

This is why we need to find other solutions. For forklift trucks, we now have a complete solution that we have developed together with our major customers. This is our passion.