Counterbalance forklifts

Lithium-ion batteries can run long work shifts both indoors and outdoors.

Counterbalance forklifts with lithium-ion battery

Warehouse companies commonly have several trucks for loading and unloading of goods from delivery trucks. Electric counterbalance forklifts are ideal for these tasks. Lithium-ion batteries are highly suitable for the energy supply.

High productivity

The demands are high on forklifts that constantly need to move fast from inside a warehouse to load and off-load delivery trucks outside. The loading/offloading process must be fast to ensure the truck is back on the road quickly for its next delivery. The performance of the forklift and its power supply is crucial. This is where the benefits of lithium-ion batteries can be best utilised. Battery charging can be performed where the forklift is being used and can be done during regular work breaks.

Advantages – Lithium-ion for counterbalance forklifts

  • Fast and efficient charging near the work area
  • Less harmful substances in the workplace
  • Maintenance free under normal usage
  • No heavy lifting or battery changes needed
  • No need for special purpose charging rooms
  • Long-term investment
  • Reduced energy consumption

Lithium-ion batteries is the future

Charging a forklift battery has always been time-consuming. In the midst of operations, the forklift must be taken to the charging room for a battery change. The long lead time for charging a standard lead battery usually means two batteries are needed – on to use when the other is being charged. Now, the efficient lithium-ion batteries solve this. Charging stations are set up near the parking area for the forklifts. Charging can easily be done during a tea or lunch break and one charge is commonly sufficient for the entire day.

The lifespan of a lithium-ion battery

Lithium batteries are more expensive than common lead batteries. However, the lifespan is considerably longer. Normally, you may need to replace a lithium-ion battery once during the life of a forklift. Savings from the longevity of the battery, from a more efficient organisation and from reduced transit times and the absence of charging rooms mean the investment is repaid within approximately 1-3 years.

The difference in energy and weight

Alelion’s lithium-ion batteries can store large quantities of energy due to their high energy density, which is double that of traditional lead batteries for forklifts. The weight is much less as there is no lead in a lithium-ion battery, which is another advantage, as we do not expose the environment to hazardous lead. The lower weight can be compensated by other means. Forklift manufacturers today are constructing forklifts that are intended for use with lithium-ion batteries.

Configurable batteries

One of the most important things for a truck driver is to ensure the truck has enough power to last the whole day. This planning is made significantly easier with Alelion's lithium-ion batteries. The electronics communicate with you constantly and you don’t have to worry about the battery power being sufficient. The instruments provide you with continuous information and makes planning easy. At Alelion we build control units that take all your requirements into account.



2019-02-22 Year-end report Jan-Dec 2018

In the course of the fourth quarter our net turnover and order bookings continued to increase compared with the same quarter in the previous year (+31.6 and +11.3 per cent respectively) while profit on both group and parent company levels showed weak growth above all due to increased competition and increased cost inflation. The greater and greater need to adapt to a more sustainable use of energy makes the market for Alelion’s products in lithium-ion technology and systems for smart energy management one of the absolutely most promising and interesting.


2019-02-18 Alelion takes a loan of 50 MSEK from majority shareholders

Alelion Energy Systems AB (“Alelion” or “the Company”) has received short term shareholder loans of 50 MSEK (“Bridge Loans”) from majority shareholders Fouriertransform AB, Pegroco AB and Sammaj AB (“the Majority Shareholders”}. Today Alelion’s board also publish summons to an extraordinary general meeting on 2 April 2019. It is proposed that the general meeting decide to authorize the board amongst other things to make an equity issuance of shares for at most 135 MSEK (“the Equity Issuance”).


2018-09-03 Ministerial visit to Alelion's new factory powers up a shared green vision

Energy Minister Ibrahim Baylan discussed electric mobility, innovation and green energy with the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Alelion, while touring their brand new Lithium-Ion battery factory - at the heart of Sweden's largest green energy mobility initiative.


2017-03-02 Alelion is looking for new employees

Alelion is growing and is hiring to extend the team.


2016-12-13 New recruitments

Alelion reinforces with five new recruitments


2016-09-09 Cooperation between Alelion and Crown on Lithium-Ion forklift batteries

At the IMHX exhibition, starting September 13th in Birmingham, a selected range of Alelion’s energy storage products, such as the 48-Volt Lithium-Ion forklift batteries, will be visible at the Crown stand 10J61.


2016-09-08 Alelion continues expansion

We are pleased to welcome to our team Åsa Nordström and Magnus Spjelkavik.


2016-09-06 Alelion gets its first order outside of Europe. A distribution centre in Australia chooses lithium-ion batteries for their forklifts.

The total order value for the project runs up to SEK 12 million and Alelion has received its first partial order of SEK 4.45 million. A newly built central warehouse has chosen to equip its complete fleet of forklifts with lithium-ion-batteries from Alelion.


2016-09-05 Alelion undergoes ISO-audit without any remark

In September a current audit concerning ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 was performed without any remark


2016-06-21 Trading begins in Alelion on Nasdaq First North today June 21

Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ), a leading supplier of environmentally friendly lithium-ion energy storage systems for industrial trucks, implements listing of shares and warrants on the Nasdaq First North after passing the listing application. The first trading of the shares will be today 21 June 2016 and for TO1 on 30 June.


2016-04-11 Alelion Batteries AB is looking for a Sales Engineer

We are looking for sales engineers that likes and feels at home in an international environment.