Our journey

When Alelion Energy Systems AB was established in 2006, we were pioneers in lithium-ion battery technology. Along the way we have conducted research and development in battery technology, products in different applications have been developed and new owners have been added.

2006 The company was formed by ETC Batteries and Fuelcells, after which Pegroco Invest and Sammaj joined as co-founders
2006 Research and development within lithium-ion battery technology
2007 Preparation for cell manufacture
2009 New battery management and module technology
2010 Battery solution for FIAT 500 EV
2010 Modular solutions for electric vehicles
2011 Additional owner: IKEA GT & FTAB
2011 Applications On/Off highway with EV&HEV technology
2012 Field trials within materials handling/EV batteries
2012 Partnership with Paragon AG for manufacture under licence
2013 Launch of easypower on the materials handling market
2014 The first easypower orders are delivered
2015 Start of volume production of easypower
2015 Close collaboration with some of the leading international forklift truck manufacturers