Alelion Energy Systems signs contract with Huddig AB to develop high voltage batteries for construction machinery

2019-12-19 - Alelion Energy Systems AB

Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ) has signed a contract with the Swedish construction machinery manufacturer Huddig AB to develop high voltage batteries. These are hybrid batteries to be used in the development of a hybrid model of the Huddig backhoe loader and excavator, “TIGON”. The order includes development and production of an initial prototype battery and delivery is expected during the second quarter 2020. Total worth is around MSEK 1.8.

Huddig AB is the backhoe loader and excavator market leader in Sweden and has manufactured over 10,000 machines since starting in 1959. Through working with Alelion Energy Systems the company intends to produce a hybrid model of Huddig’s best-selling backhoe loader and excavator. This hybrid backhoe loader and excavator will have a drive line combining a combustion engine with a number of electrical engines powered by a lithium-ion battery.

With this order Alelion is making the first inroad into the construction machinery market. Over the last year the company has been focusing more and more on the special vehicle segment that is characterized by more advanced and customized battery solutions. In step with the growing awareness of climate effects and health-damaging emissions, increasing numbers of special vehicle manufacturers have begun looking at ways to electrify with the help of lithium-ion technology.

“ Our long experience of lithium-ion technology and our high technical expertise mean that we have every possibility to develop the type of customized high voltage batteries that are most often required in the special vehicle segment,” says Åsa Nordström, Acting CEO, Alelion Energy Systems. “This is a segment where demand for lithium-ion batteries is growing in step with increasing environmental requirements.”

 “We look forward to working with Alelion Energy Systems in developing a lithium-ion battery for our fully hybrid backhoe loader and excavator, Tigon. Their experience in developing and producing batteries for vehicles is an excellent complement to our expertise in developing advanced construction machinery. The demand for hybrid machines in construction is expected to rise dramatically in order to minimize emissions and noise, not least in sensitive surroundings and urban environments,” says Lars Lindahl, CEO Huddig.

For more information, please contact: Åsa Nordström, Acting CEO
Alelion Energy Systems AB
+46 702-90 18 58

This information is such as Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ) is obligated to disclose pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation and the Market Securities Act. The information was provided by the above person for public disclosure on 16 December 2019 at 08:30 CET.

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Alelion Energy Systems AB

Alelion Energy Systems AB is a leading manufacturer of industrial energy storage systems based on lithium-ion technology. A lithium-ion battery is more energy efficient, lighter, lasts longer and also contributes to considerably lower environmental impact.

In step with the growth of climate threat and the urgent need to convert to more sustainable energy systems and more sustainable use of energy, an increasing number of sectors have begun to explore the possibilities offered by lithium-ion technology and this is opening up new markets and segments for Alelion. Through the development of smart software based control systems new business opportunities have evolved linked to lithium-ion technology in the energy management area where Alelion can offer solutions.

In 2019 Alelion opened Sweden’s first factory for large-scale production of lithium-ion batteries for industrial vehicles. Read more at

Alelion’s major owners are Pegroco Invest Fouriertransform. The company's share (ALELIO) is traded on Nasdaq First North Stockholm with G&W Fondkommission as Certified Advisor, e-mail:, phone: +46 8-503 000 50.


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2019-12-19 Åsa Nordström appointed as new CEO of Alelion Energy Systems AB

Åsa Nordström has been appointed as new CEO of Alelion Energy Systems AB.
She previously held the position of Sales and Marketing Manager for Alelion and has been serving as Acting CEO for the company since August. “Åsa has done an outstanding job as Acting CEO and established her position both internally and externally as an excellent manager and leader for the company. Her valuable input along with her solid understanding of the business and the products make a combination that is exactly what the company needs at this point in time,” says Jan Forsberg, chairman of Alelion’s board of directors.


2019-12-10 Alelion Energy Systems high voltage batteries meet certification requirements for road vehicles opening up for new opportunities in the special vehicle segment.

Tests show the batteries meet all the requirements for batteries and battery systems to be used in road vehicles. Alelion will now take a place among the limited number of manufacturers whose high voltage systems are approved for this market segment bringing new opportunities for sales to this vehicle category.


2019-08-28 Daniel Troedsson slutar som vd för Alelion Energy Systems

Styrelsen för Alelion Energy Systems AB har beslutat att söka en ersättare för Daniel Troedsson som vd för Alelion Energy Systems AB. Daniel Troedsson lämnar bolaget med omedelbar verkan och i avvaktan på att hans efterträdare utses träder Åsa Nordström, marknadschef för bolaget, in som tillförordnad vd.


2019-07-15 Alelion signs its first agreement for the aftermarket in Asia

Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ) has entered into an agreement with MHE Energy in Thailand for deliveries of lithium-ion batteries and service to the forklift aftermarket in Thailand and Vietnam. This is Alelion’s first agreement in the aftermarket for forklift batteries in Asia.


2019-06-30 Alelion Energy Systems has entered into an agreement for deliveries of lithium-ion batteries and services to the aftermarket for forklift batteries in the Middle East.

Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ) has entered into an agreement with GamaAku in Turkey for delivery of lithium-ion batteries and service to the aftermarket for forklift batteries in the Middle East. When signing, Alelion received a first order for lithium-ion batteries worth 40,000 Euro.


2019-02-22 Year-end report Jan-Dec 2018

In the course of the fourth quarter our net turnover and order bookings continued to increase compared with the same quarter in the previous year (+31.6 and +11.3 per cent respectively) while profit on both group and parent company levels showed weak growth above all due to increased competition and increased cost inflation. The greater and greater need to adapt to a more sustainable use of energy makes the market for Alelion’s products in lithium-ion technology and systems for smart energy management one of the absolutely most promising and interesting.


2019-02-18 Alelion takes a loan of 50 MSEK from majority shareholders

Alelion Energy Systems AB (“Alelion” or “the Company”) has received short term shareholder loans of 50 MSEK (“Bridge Loans”) from majority shareholders Fouriertransform AB, Pegroco AB and Sammaj AB (“the Majority Shareholders”}. Today Alelion’s board also publish summons to an extraordinary general meeting on 2 April 2019. It is proposed that the general meeting decide to authorize the board amongst other things to make an equity issuance of shares for at most 135 MSEK (“the Equity Issuance”).


2018-09-03 Ministerial visit to Alelion's new factory powers up a shared green vision

Energy Minister Ibrahim Baylan discussed electric mobility, innovation and green energy with the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Alelion, while touring their brand new Lithium-Ion battery factory - at the heart of Sweden's largest green energy mobility initiative.


2017-03-02 Alelion is looking for new employees

Alelion is growing and is hiring to extend the team.


2016-12-13 New recruitments

Alelion reinforces with five new recruitments


2016-09-09 Cooperation between Alelion and Crown on Lithium-Ion forklift batteries

At the IMHX exhibition, starting September 13th in Birmingham, a selected range of Alelion’s energy storage products, such as the 48-Volt Lithium-Ion forklift batteries, will be visible at the Crown stand 10J61.


2016-09-08 Alelion continues expansion

We are pleased to welcome to our team Åsa Nordström and Magnus Spjelkavik.


2016-09-06 Alelion gets its first order outside of Europe. A distribution centre in Australia chooses lithium-ion batteries for their forklifts.

The total order value for the project runs up to SEK 12 million and Alelion has received its first partial order of SEK 4.45 million. A newly built central warehouse has chosen to equip its complete fleet of forklifts with lithium-ion-batteries from Alelion.


2016-09-05 Alelion undergoes ISO-audit without any remark

In September a current audit concerning ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 was performed without any remark


2016-06-21 Trading begins in Alelion on Nasdaq First North today June 21

Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ), a leading supplier of environmentally friendly lithium-ion energy storage systems for industrial trucks, implements listing of shares and warrants on the Nasdaq First North after passing the listing application. The first trading of the shares will be today 21 June 2016 and for TO1 on 30 June.


2016-04-11 Alelion Batteries AB is looking for a Sales Engineer

We are looking for sales engineers that likes and feels at home in an international environment.