Articles of Association

These Articles of Association apply for the limited company with corporate identity number 556710-7916 and were approved by the annual general meeting on May 30 2018.

Company name

The company name is Alelion Energy Systems AB. It is a public (publ) company.

Registered office

The company has its registered office in Gothenburg municipality.


The company’s operations involve the development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service of battery systems, and further owning and managing real estate and content and thereto related business.

Share capital

The share capital shall amount to no less than SEK 520,000 and no more than SEK 2,080,000.

Number of shares

The number of shares shall amount to no less than 26,000,000 and no more than 104,000,000.

Board of directors

The board shall consist of no fewer than three and no more than ten directors with no more than ten deputy directors.


The company shall have no fewer than one and no more than two auditors and no more than two deputy auditors.

Place of the general meeting

The General Meeting shall be held in Stockholm or Gothenburg.

Notice convening a general meeting

Notice convening a general meeting shall be issued through announcement in Post- och Inrikes Tidningar as well as on the company’s website. Announcement to the effect that notice convening a general meeting has been issued, shall be made in Dagens Industri.

Right to attend a general meeting

Shareholders who wish to attend a general meeting must be listed in the shareholder register five days prior to the general meeting, and also have given notice to the company of their attendance not later than the day mentioned in the notice convening the meeting. This day may not be a Sunday, another public holiday, Saturday, Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, and may not fall earlier than five weekdays before the general meeting.

Shareholders may bring one or two advisors to the general meeting, but only if the shareholder has stated so in their notice of attendance according to previous section.

Matters to be dealt with at the Annual General Meeting

The following matters shall be dealt with at the Annual General Meeting:

1. Election of Chairman at the General Meeting

2. Preparation and approval of a voting list
3. Approval of the agenda
4. Election of one or two persons to check the minutes
5. Examination whether the Meeting has been properly convened
6. Presentation of the Annual Report and the Auditor’s report and if applicable              the Consolidated Accounts and the Auditor’s report on the Group
7. Resolution in respect to adoption of the Profit and Loss Statement and the                Balance Sheet and, if applicable, the Consolidated Profit and Loss Statement            and Balance Sheet
8. Resolution in respect to appropriation of the Company’s profit and loss                      according to the adopted Balance Sheet
9. Resolution in respect of the Directors’ and, if applicable, the Managing                        Director’s discharge from liability
10. Determining the number of Directors, Deputy Directors, Auditors and Deputy              Auditors
11. Determining the remuneration payable to the Board of Directors and to                        Auditors
12. Election of Directors and any Deputy Directors and Auditors and any Deputy              Auditors
14. Resolution in respect of instructions to the Election Committee
15. Other matters which shall be dealt with by the General Meeting according to              the Company Act or the Articles of Association

Financial year

The financial year of the Company shall be the calendar year.

Central securities depository register

The Company’s shares shall be registered in a central securities depository register pursuant to the Financial Instruments Accounts Act (1998:1479) regarding securities registers and registration of financial instruments.





2019-02-22 Year-end report Jan-Dec 2018

In the course of the fourth quarter our net turnover and order bookings continued to increase compared with the same quarter in the previous year (+31.6 and +11.3 per cent respectively) while profit on both group and parent company levels showed weak growth above all due to increased competition and increased cost inflation. The greater and greater need to adapt to a more sustainable use of energy makes the market for Alelion’s products in lithium-ion technology and systems for smart energy management one of the absolutely most promising and interesting.


2019-02-18 Alelion takes a loan of 50 MSEK from majority shareholders

Alelion Energy Systems AB (“Alelion” or “the Company”) has received short term shareholder loans of 50 MSEK (“Bridge Loans”) from majority shareholders Fouriertransform AB, Pegroco AB and Sammaj AB (“the Majority Shareholders”}. Today Alelion’s board also publish summons to an extraordinary general meeting on 2 April 2019. It is proposed that the general meeting decide to authorize the board amongst other things to make an equity issuance of shares for at most 135 MSEK (“the Equity Issuance”).


2018-09-03 Ministerial visit to Alelion's new factory powers up a shared green vision

Energy Minister Ibrahim Baylan discussed electric mobility, innovation and green energy with the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Alelion, while touring their brand new Lithium-Ion battery factory - at the heart of Sweden's largest green energy mobility initiative.


2017-03-02 Alelion is looking for new employees

Alelion is growing and is hiring to extend the team.


2016-12-13 New recruitments

Alelion reinforces with five new recruitments


2016-09-09 Cooperation between Alelion and Crown on Lithium-Ion forklift batteries

At the IMHX exhibition, starting September 13th in Birmingham, a selected range of Alelion’s energy storage products, such as the 48-Volt Lithium-Ion forklift batteries, will be visible at the Crown stand 10J61.


2016-09-08 Alelion continues expansion

We are pleased to welcome to our team Åsa Nordström and Magnus Spjelkavik.


2016-09-06 Alelion gets its first order outside of Europe. A distribution centre in Australia chooses lithium-ion batteries for their forklifts.

The total order value for the project runs up to SEK 12 million and Alelion has received its first partial order of SEK 4.45 million. A newly built central warehouse has chosen to equip its complete fleet of forklifts with lithium-ion-batteries from Alelion.


2016-09-05 Alelion undergoes ISO-audit without any remark

In September a current audit concerning ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 was performed without any remark


2016-06-21 Trading begins in Alelion on Nasdaq First North today June 21

Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ), a leading supplier of environmentally friendly lithium-ion energy storage systems for industrial trucks, implements listing of shares and warrants on the Nasdaq First North after passing the listing application. The first trading of the shares will be today 21 June 2016 and for TO1 on 30 June.


2016-04-11 Alelion Batteries AB is looking for a Sales Engineer

We are looking for sales engineers that likes and feels at home in an international environment.