Our lithium batteries are optimised for energy use and energy storage.

All companies face a challenge that involves a change in how we consume and use energy. Where others see the challenge as a problem, we see the challenge as something that needs a solution. We have delivered climate-smart, energy-efficient system solutions based on lithium-ion batteries to large and small companies worldwide over the last ten years.

Are you interested in our lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks or our energy storage systems? Contact us and we will clarify any questions you have about how our lithium-ion batteries can be used to meet your challenges. Industrial truck manufacturers can buy batteries directly from us and drivers are welcome to contact us for assistance with any procurement from the manufacturer.

Advantages – Lithium-ion batteries for storage and for Industrial trucks

  • Long-term investment &middot
  • Climate-smart energy storage
  • Maximise the use of green energy
  • Minimise consumption peaks
  • Shorter charging times
  • Fewer hazardous substances in the workplace
  • Utilise the charging rooms for something more useful

World-class charging of lithium-ion batteries for Industrial trucks

Alelion lithium-ion batteries are a wise investment for anyone who is operating several Industrial trucks. Our products have several advantages for your business. You get increased productivity, more efficient energy consumption and higher physical safety. Using a truck with lithium-ion battery is a simplified and more efficient way of working, as the process of changing heavy batteries between work shifts is completely removed.

Some of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial trucks e.g. Toyota Material Handling and Jungheinrich, use our batteries. We have a preferred supplier status with these companies, meaning our industrial truck batteries are among the best from global manufacturers, with a long lifetime.

Apart from increased efficiency, there is no need for spare batteries and the need for a separate charging room is eliminated and thus a space is freed up and available to be utilised in a better way. The reason Alelion batteries completely eliminate the need for battery changes and charging rooms is that lithium-ion batteries are charged to full capacity very quickly, such as during a lunch or tea break. Our battery cells are highly efficient, thoroughly tested and very safe. Industrial trucks that run on Alelion lithium-ion batteries can be operated for a longer period of time using less energy, at lower cost and over many years.

Lithium-ion battery facts:

Smart & configurable batteries

Unlike lead-acid batteries, Alelion lithium-ion batteries can be configured. That is, the battery communicates with the truck and the charger and can send an alert when it's time to charge the battery. This facilitates better planning and more efficient utilisation of working hours. As the battery does not contain any hydrogen, there is no risk of explosion and the battery indicates if it is overheated, in which case it gets disconnected from operations. Lithium-ion batteries are free from voltage drops - the user has full power throughout the work shift and the battery performs at optimal level until it needs charging.


Productivity is not only about doing as much as possible. It’s about doing things efficiently from the start. There are several reasons to choose lithium-ion batteries for your business, which lead to positive impact on both productivity and costs.


Environmental and sustainability goals are obvious parts of many companies’ operations. Choosing lithium-ion batteries facilitates the achievement of both environmental and financial goals. Switching from a lead acid battery to a lithium-ion battery in a business with 10 trucks saves up to 25 tonnes of carbon monoxide emissions.

Wise investment

Investment in lithium-ion batteries provides optimal conditions for better results both today and in the future. Alelion can also help calculate the repayment time for an investment by comparing the current costs with those that are incurred during a transition to lithium-ion. In most cases, customers have a repayment period of less than 2-3 years for their investment. In addition, there will be positive impacts on the environment in the long term.



With batteries made for tough environments and daily use, there are opportunities to optimise the energy usage for your business. A lithium-ion battery from Alelion has a lifespan of 10-15 years, i.e. an energy alternative with lower energy consumption and thus better for the environment.



Workplaces with heavy lifts are particularly prone to accidents. There are about 900 truck accidents every year in Sweden alone. Many of these accidents can be prevented. Transitioning to the use of lithium-ion batteries leads to lower risk of common accidents in workplaces where batteries and trucks are operated.


Energy storage systems

The idea that we must consume energy right at the moment it is generated is an outdated thought. Efficient lithium-ion batteries allow for storage of energy for use when needed. The benefits of storing energy as part of one’s own power supply are many, both financially and environmentally. We have the solutions for complete energy storage systems for your business. We are more than happy to explore how we can jointly design an optimised energy storage system for your operations. This can be done either as part of an existing system or in a new system with solar panels or other alternative energy sources.


The leap in technology from lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries is huge. In addition to the superior power, the number of charging cycles and the charging time, a lithium-ion battery emits up to 90% less cancer-causing substances over its lifetime than a conventional battery. The lithium-ion batteries technology has been and is still under constant development. We constantly work to find new solutions and drive development forward to further streamline our lithium-ion technology and our energy storage systems.

Read more about the technology behind our batteries here.



2019-08-28 Daniel Troedsson slutar som vd för Alelion Energy Systems

Styrelsen för Alelion Energy Systems AB har beslutat att söka en ersättare för Daniel Troedsson som vd för Alelion Energy Systems AB. Daniel Troedsson lämnar bolaget med omedelbar verkan och i avvaktan på att hans efterträdare utses träder Åsa Nordström, marknadschef för bolaget, in som tillförordnad vd.


2019-07-15 Alelion signs its first agreement for the aftermarket in Asia

Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ) has entered into an agreement with MHE Energy in Thailand for deliveries of lithium-ion batteries and service to the forklift aftermarket in Thailand and Vietnam. This is Alelion’s first agreement in the aftermarket for forklift batteries in Asia.


2019-06-30 Alelion Energy Systems has entered into an agreement for deliveries of lithium-ion batteries and services to the aftermarket for forklift batteries in the Middle East.

Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ) has entered into an agreement with GamaAku in Turkey for delivery of lithium-ion batteries and service to the aftermarket for forklift batteries in the Middle East. When signing, Alelion received a first order for lithium-ion batteries worth 40,000 Euro.


2019-02-22 Year-end report Jan-Dec 2018

In the course of the fourth quarter our net turnover and order bookings continued to increase compared with the same quarter in the previous year (+31.6 and +11.3 per cent respectively) while profit on both group and parent company levels showed weak growth above all due to increased competition and increased cost inflation. The greater and greater need to adapt to a more sustainable use of energy makes the market for Alelion’s products in lithium-ion technology and systems for smart energy management one of the absolutely most promising and interesting.


2019-02-18 Alelion takes a loan of 50 MSEK from majority shareholders

Alelion Energy Systems AB (“Alelion” or “the Company”) has received short term shareholder loans of 50 MSEK (“Bridge Loans”) from majority shareholders Fouriertransform AB, Pegroco AB and Sammaj AB (“the Majority Shareholders”}. Today Alelion’s board also publish summons to an extraordinary general meeting on 2 April 2019. It is proposed that the general meeting decide to authorize the board amongst other things to make an equity issuance of shares for at most 135 MSEK (“the Equity Issuance”).


2018-09-03 Ministerial visit to Alelion's new factory powers up a shared green vision

Energy Minister Ibrahim Baylan discussed electric mobility, innovation and green energy with the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Alelion, while touring their brand new Lithium-Ion battery factory - at the heart of Sweden's largest green energy mobility initiative.


2017-03-02 Alelion is looking for new employees

Alelion is growing and is hiring to extend the team.


2016-12-13 New recruitments

Alelion reinforces with five new recruitments


2016-09-09 Cooperation between Alelion and Crown on Lithium-Ion forklift batteries

At the IMHX exhibition, starting September 13th in Birmingham, a selected range of Alelion’s energy storage products, such as the 48-Volt Lithium-Ion forklift batteries, will be visible at the Crown stand 10J61.


2016-09-08 Alelion continues expansion

We are pleased to welcome to our team Åsa Nordström and Magnus Spjelkavik.


2016-09-06 Alelion gets its first order outside of Europe. A distribution centre in Australia chooses lithium-ion batteries for their forklifts.

The total order value for the project runs up to SEK 12 million and Alelion has received its first partial order of SEK 4.45 million. A newly built central warehouse has chosen to equip its complete fleet of forklifts with lithium-ion-batteries from Alelion.


2016-09-05 Alelion undergoes ISO-audit without any remark

In September a current audit concerning ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 was performed without any remark


2016-06-21 Trading begins in Alelion on Nasdaq First North today June 21

Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ), a leading supplier of environmentally friendly lithium-ion energy storage systems for industrial trucks, implements listing of shares and warrants on the Nasdaq First North after passing the listing application. The first trading of the shares will be today 21 June 2016 and for TO1 on 30 June.


2016-04-11 Alelion Batteries AB is looking for a Sales Engineer

We are looking for sales engineers that likes and feels at home in an international environment.