Alelion power house

Li-ion battery solutions for off-highway vehicles

Robust and cost-efficient solutions with maximum uptime. From the shelf or adapted to your specifications. Developed and made in Sweden.

The whole power package

Customer segments made ready for an electrified future


Logistic vehicles in ports, industries and logistic hubs


Airport ground support equipment


Material handling trucks


Machinery for construction, mining, and agriculture

Alelion Academy

The training you need to succeed

Our training concept gives you the power to offer safe, fast and professional support and service, to ensure that batteries are kept operational and in good condition, with maximum uptime.

Work at Alelion

Join us and find the power to change

Alelion is growing rapidly with our team of confident and kind people, committed to making long lasting change.

Look for open positions in development, sales and production. Your competence will make a difference.


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