We all have to do our bit for sustainability

Environmentally-friendly lithium batteries is our contribution – no lead, no carbon dioxide.

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Do away with unnecessary trips to charging rooms, maintenance, separate chargers, frequent battery changes.

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Lithium batteries from Alelion – revolutionary battery technology!

New possibilities with more energy-dense batteries

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We work with energy storage

When Alelion Batteries AB was set up as far back as 2006 we were pioneers within lithium battery technology. Since then numerous products have been developed within a range of sectors.

Primarily, we have worked with vehicles and materials handling, where there are major benefits both for the customers' businesses and for our shared environment. The company is now established and continues to supply high-performance solutions using tried and tested technology. The batteries deliver savings for both smaller companies and large international companies. Alelion Batteries AB sets high requirements on quality. Our links to the motor industry enable us to deliver world-class products.

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Concentrated power in your products

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Speaker´s corner


Posted by: Lars Mila

Merry Christmas!

The team at Alelion Batteries AB whishes all of you a very merry Christmas!


Posted by: Lars Mila

New Director of Finance

The Alelion team continues to grow. The latest step is with a new Director of Finance


Posted by: Lars Mila

Increased OEM business

Regular orders to Alelion for li-ion forklift batteries to OEM customers increases


Posted by: Lars Mila

Business progress

Alelion’s business volume is now ramping up. Order intake figures show a very positive trend.


Posted by: Lars Mila

Strengthening of the Alelion team

Three new employees are recruited to join the Alelion team in Mölndal.


Posted by: Lars Mila

New CEO at Alelion Batteries AB

Daniel Troedsson is since 2015-10-15 CEO at Alelion Batteries AB.


Posted by: Torbjörn Sundström

Doosan and Alelion shows the new technology

On the CeMat show Alelion and the Korean manufacture Doosan together showed a counter balance truck and a low lifter equipped with lithium batteries. The battery system is easy to adapt to new products and this shows the flexibility of use.


Posted by: Torbjörn Sundström

Now the CeMAT2014 is closer than ever!

We are now getting ready to show what has happened the last three years since the last show! It has been an amazing ride!


Posted by: Torbjörn Sundström

IKEAs sustainability

Se denna föreläsning som IKEAs miljöchef Steve Howard håller på TED

Please have a look at the IKEAs sustainability Steve Howard on TED


Posted by: Torbjörn Sundström

Lithium batteries takes a lion share

This interesting article points out that lithium technology is here to stay


Posted by: Torbjörn Sundström

Interesting article

Read more about the downfall of lead acid batteries!